I start everyday with coffee, but my morning cup of joe is a bit different. My coffee is made using the Bulletproof Coffee method. It's creamy, delicious, healthy and also doubles as my breakfast. The reason why is because it's loaded with good fats, specifically short and medium chain triglycerides.

Most people think that all fat as bad, and the staple fats of the American diet are mostly bad, but fat is still essential to your body. Our brains are 70% fat and they require fatty acids to run at optimum performance. All dietary fats are molecules made up of carbon atoms linked in chains. Medium chain triglycerides range from 6 to 10 carbons in length. The shorter chain length of medium chain triglycerides (MTCs) makes it easy for the body to use. They are absorbed intact and delivered directly to the liver to be converted to energy. Other types of dietary fats must be broken down in the intestines and made into a different type of fat to be transported in the blood before they can be used for energy.

So what does this have to do with coffee? Dave Asprey is an executive and bio hacker, through some unique research and experience came up with a recipe for making a special drink he calls Bulletproof Coffee. You basically combine really good coffee beans, grass fed unsalted butter and coconut or MCT oil. The grass fed butter provides short chain fats and a cream substitute. The coconut oil provides MCTs and a bit of a sweetener. Coconut oil is naturally around 67% MCTs. You can buy 100% MCT oil and use that as well. The coffee needs to be wet processed coffee to make sure that it is high quality and mold free, because most coffee has toxins from mold because of how it is processed.

I actually discovered wet (or washed) processed coffee a few years ago. Pretty much all of the high end coffees are made using this process, like Jamaican blue mountain or Kona. When I heard about this coffee recipe and the benfits it was claiming I thought why not give it a try. I'm already drinking the type of coffee, all I need to do is add some oils. Mr. Asprey has done a ton of research and sells upgraded coffee beans that are toxin free and awesome. The drawback is that they are a bit pricy and have to be ordered by mail. Since I live in major city there are options from local roasters that I can use. Dave has a post on how to pick the best coffee beans.

  • Wet processed
  • Single origin (no blends).
  • High altitude and organic is good as well.

The local roaster I get coffee from is Addison Coffee Roasters and they have given me a list of all the coffees they make that fit the Bulletproof requirements.

  • Nicaragua Organic (My top choice, very clean coffee)
  • La Minita
  • Kenya Peaberry
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
  • Rwanda
  • Fair Trade Bolivia
  • India Balekola.

So how do I make it? First I fresh grind my beans in my Magic Bullet and make 1 3/4 cups of coffee. I would make more but my Contigo travel mug (which is fantastic) only holds 16oz. Once brewed I add at least 1 heaping tablespoon of unsalted Kerrygold butter and another of Coconut Oil. I also add 1 teaspoon of MCT oil as well. I put all of this in my Magic Bullet and blend for about 10 seconds, pour into my travel mug and I'm ready to go.

As of this writing I've been drinking this every morning for about 3 months. I started off with small amounts of butter and worked my way into the recipe above. I found a full tablespoon of butter when I started was just too rich. Over time my body got more accustomed to the butter and I've been steadily increasing it. The coconut oil was fine from day one. I could put as much as needed and I felt great. I've lost about 6 pounds (from 186 to 180), I have plenty of energy through the day. Sometimes I eat lunch, sometimes I don't. I've noticed that as I've increased the amount of butter and oils in my drink my need to eat during the day has decreased. Even at night when I have dinner it seems that it takes less to make me feel full (food anyways, doesn't seem to apply to beers). My Wife has also jumped on board. She doesn't like coffee so she uses the recipe with different teas. She has always been a person that needs to eat every 3 hours or her mood goes downhill. Now if she can't eat for a few extra hours it's no problem. The first day she tried it we drank our coffee and tea at 9am, did an hour of Jiu Jitsu at 11am, then went mountain bike riding for a few hours and ran ran errands all afternoon. By 3pm she was just starting to get a little hungry. Needless to say I'm very happy with the results. Everyone is a little different and it's not going to be something everyone responds to the same way, but all the claims made about this drink have been accurate for me.

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