My Story

Duration: I started drawing before I learned to talk. Professionally I’ve been in advertising since 2000.

Philosophy: Whether I’m designing a logo, drawing a character, editing a video or planning a website – what I’m really doing is telling a story. That’s what being in the creative field is all about. The best advertising tells a little story. So does the best illustration, video or website. We, as humans beings, are drawn to good stories. It crosses cultures and distance. I’ve pretty much spent my whole life learning different mediums to tell a story. It’s the driving force behind what I do creatively. That’s my own little savage mirror.

Where: I live in the North Dallas area.

Education: I graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1999. I also have a skillshare and youtube addiction. There are so many great ways to learn from fellow creators now. A little jealous I wasn’t born a decade later.

Influences: Comic books: Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Frank Miller, Travis Charest, Barry Windsor Smith, Jack Kirby and Katsuhiro Otomo. Fantasy art: Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta. Film Design: Ralph McQuarrie, Joe Johnston, Doug Chaing, Feng Zhu. I like reading about science and ancient civilizations. I also read the occasional philosophy book.

Environment: I have a home office with 27 inch iMac and a 24 inch Cintiq HD display. I am often visited by my dog and cat while working.

Other Interests: I am currently working towards my brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also enjoy snowboarding, mountain biking, adventure racing and volleyball.


Over the last 12 years, the projects that I have worked on have generated over 8 billion dollars in revenue.

Designed, art directed and executed the most successful preprint in JCPenney company history. Over 385 million in single day sales.

I’ve designed 5 of the top 10 highest grossing newspaper advertising inserts in JCPenney company history.

Directed large scale photoshoots with budgets that exceeded 250K.

Winner of the Racie Silver Award for “Integrated Media Campaign Large” (JCP Back To School, 2009)

Winner of several B-to-B awards, including the JCP Marketing Excellence Award and Ultimate Electronics Retailer Of The Year Award.

A Few Kind Words

“Holland Jackson, what can I say? The guy is amazing at his craft. No matter what it is he does, he shines 10 fold. Great personality and very well loved. He is by far the best and most talented person I’ve ever worked with.”
-Denarcus Miles, CEO, DeKel Fashion

“Holland Jackson’s work is always accurate, thoughtful, strategic and well designed. He has a full & detailed understanding of the process and is always either on deadline or ahead of deadline. Holland’s attention to detail is vital to the job. This encompasses not only making sure approved divisional changes are made to the layouts in a timely matter, but as an Art Director, he works closely with the assigned studio’s still life department, ensuring proper styling, lighting, composition and has approval authority. Holland is an outstanding page designer, able to take predetermined templates and turn them in to outstanding page layouts, for presentation to our creative executives. I am proud to show his work and know that the work is visually pleasing as well as accurate and strategic. In this fast moving world of newspaper, big box retail advertising, you need people that are highly motivated, detail oriented, design sensitive, photo savvy and willing to go above the call. Holland has all of these qualities. I would highly recommend his services to any advertising agency or company marketing department.”
-Jeffrey Smith, Art Manager, JCPenney & Owner/Art Director, Total Fad Inc.

“Holland is very passionate about his work and takes a lot of pride in seeing his ideas form and evolve into a finished piece. Be it graphic design on a direct mailer, art direction illustration for a 200 page catalog or an intricately detailed illustration for a Marvel style comic strip, Holland approaches his work with a distinct voracity. But Holland’s adventurous attitude impresses me most. He takes on and conquers the unknown without batting an eye.”
-Sandra Spiro, Director of Creative Services, C3 Premedia Solutions





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