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My creative execution of my late father Johney Jackson’s last shop. My father ran a well known car customization and repair business.He specialized in European vehicles and exotics, as well as being one of the go to guys for building MKIII Superformance Shelby replicas. He sold his main business in 2010 and built his personal garage-mahal. That would become the Rusty Nut Garage.

He told me that he would like to have a logo mark for his new shop to put on uniforms he was having made. A nut with the name of the shop surrounding it. I chose a series of geometric shapes to represent a three dimensional hex nut. An octagon with a skewed hexagon provided a nice base for the hex nut, with the outer octagon providing a consistent shape for the eye to grasp. I enclosed them in a circle to give the text a base and further accent the geometry of the octagon. Classic serif fonts and a light distressing also provide a vintage overall feel. Once the identity was complete I took all of Dad’s image assets and created a new, minimalistic web presence for the shop.

My father passed away in 2017, so the shop isn’t in operation anymore. I considered removing this from my featured projects, but decided that I would like to keep a piece of my Dad on the site.