PAS Logo Redesign

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Project Brief:

Parbat Atlas System wanted to update their logo. Parameters were to keep the original elements – The god atlas holding the globe and the blue/yellow color combination.

Creative Notes:

The original logo featured the yellow as the primary color. Most of the time this trademark would be used on white, making the yellow color hard to read. Atlas himself appeared too much like clip art and less like the powerful figure they wanted to portray. Also, the globe took up more real estate than it should, making the figure seem smaller in overall ratio. To modernized the logo the figure was shown from a lower angle. This emphasized the power of the physique, increased it’s overall size ratio. The style of the illustration was mostly a silhouette with a little directional highlight to give depth to the form. Instead of the yellow color, blue was used as the primary emphasizing the outline of the figure. Yellow was brought into the directional highlights. The globe was changed to a wire frame to make the silhouette easier to read. The famous Lee Lawrie bronze statue was used as a reference.