I was clearing out video on my computer and decided to put together some clips from our New Mexico trip in 2015. This was a few weeks before going to Japan. A group of us were watching football when we started getting powder alerts on our phones. The Goliath blizzard was hitting New Mexico and Ski Apache is an 8 hour drive from where we live. A few phone calls to the wives and we were switching our drinks for water. What was supposed to be an 8 hour drive turned into 18, as we drove through the blizzard. I've driven through heavy snow conditions before, but that is the scariest drive I've ever done. Visibility was about 50 feet almost all the way to the Texas border. When we got to Brownfeild Texas near the border, every road was buried under 4 feet of snow. We stopped on what looked like a white football field with submerged cars and trucks. Even the snowplow was stuck.

Our group ended up staying in a church for the next 6 hours with other stranded drivers and truckers. In the morning a huge farm tractor pulled out the plow and we rode behind it, helping pull out a few cars as we went. Many of the truckers told us that since New Mexico has a better snow plow system, once we got to the border we would fair better. Spirits were running high as we neared the state line to find a column of stopped cars and Texas state highway patrol. New Mexico was closed. Every road into the state was shut down.

After a while the officer let us move forward to the town on the state line town to find lodging. Once we got there, just as he had said, there were road blocks across the roads leading into New Mexico. We were driving a 4x4 Jeep, and in true Jeep fashion we decided to go around the road block and drive as far as we could. As we did this about 15 vehicles followed behind us. Just like the truckers said, the roads had been plowed clear. We could see why the state had shut down. There were buried cars like mile markers on the side of the roads. Best we could figure is the snow hit while people were driving home from work. From there it was mostly smooth sailing to Ski Apache and record snowfall. 

I write this story because despite having 2 GoPros and 4 phone cameras that shoot video, we recorded almost none of that drive. This is why I never put anything together years ago for this trip. Anyways, here is what 40 inches looks like at Ski Apache. Enjoy!

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